Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog Post 3

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?

Scott McLeod is the co-creator of the Did You Know? videos. When I started reading this post, I was thinking to myself who is this ignorant person and why does he have such a huge problem which technology? But by the end I knew he was being sarcastic and actually poking fun at the people who actually believe technology is worst thing that could happen to our students. Scott McLeod does raise some points though, technology could be harmful to students , the students could look at websites they should not be looking at, or talk to people they should not be talking to. In addition to sharing technology with the students we also must share how to be safe on the world wide web. Once the students know how to take the proper precautions then we should share technology with them and all it has to offer in and outside of the classroom.

The iSchool Initiative
I loved his idea! Just when I read the title of the video I thought, what is an iSchool and where do I sign up to purchase one. The idea that classroom supplies could be eliminated by one pocket size device is insane. I remember back in grade school I would receive, two weeks before school started, a page list of required supplies for the school year. Accompanying that list was another list of the school books I was required to purchase. My mom and dad would easily spend up to seven hundred dollars on school supplies needed for one year of school. This would clearly be incredible savings in the classroom with actually having the iSchool.
Even though his idea seems to be simple as 1, 2, 3, I have some doubts. First, would the parents purchase the iSchool or would the school? Second, once the school or your parents have purchase the iSchool does the student keep it forever or just that year? Third, how much additional costs would be needed to buy all these resourceful applications? I believe their is an answer for all my questions that he did not address and after my questions were to be answered then I would like to know how to make this actually happen in the schools.

The Lost Generation
This video was only 1:44 seconds and long, and it was extremely powerful. When watching the video initially I was sad to be part of this generation. In 30 years I do not want to be celebrating my 10th anniversary of my divorce. I do not want work to come before my family. In my generation hopefully all of this will change.
The technique she used was extremely unique. I did not think what she was saying could be reversed into to something positive, i thought it was going to be all negative.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
I am literally stunned. I was speechless for about twenty minutes as I watched the same video three times. This is remarkable. When I was little I thought flying cars would be cool, but this is way better. People from all across the world came together by Internet to sing and be one choir. I just, well I am still stunned to be honest. I think what they are doing is taking advantage of technology in the best way possible.
Although, this worries me a bit. My mom always jokes that in a couple of years we will not need to leave our homes because of technology. We will lose the need to have human interaction. This is a prime example of my fear. Who needs to go buy tickets to go see an amazing choir sing together on stage, when you can log in to YouTube an watch it for free?


  1. HEY Erin! Great post! I totally agree with what you posted about the pros and cons of technology. It is definitely something worth teaching to our future students and kids but only in the right way, of course.

  2. Good post Erin! I also thought the virtual choir was amazing. And like you said, what a positive way to use technology. This is a great example of how new opportunities to be creative are popping-up all of the time because of all the new technology. We must be sure our future students have the benefit of technology by utilizing these opportunities to make learning as meaningful and memorable as possible.

    Keep up the good work! SS