Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Comments 4 Teachers

Comments 4 Teachers Assignment 1

Joey Dale's most recent post was about the different types of things you can accomplish on twitter. He talked about how he could create a personalized newspaper on twitter. So when Joey Dale pulls up his twitter account he sees his newspaper, and the only articles in the newspaper are what Joey likes. So essentially I create my own newspaper on twitter. He also mentioned that the newspaper mash-up is offered in different languages. After reading his blog I now know that twitter is not just a place to update people on what you are doing throughout your day, but a place to stay connected with the world.

Comments 4 Teachers Assignment 2

This week I read about that Joey Dale has purchased. He purchased the Samson Go Mic. It is a portable microphone that attaches to your computer or yourself. You can speak into and record audio clearly and quite easily. He had posted an mp3 of himself talking through the mic. I listened to the video and heard that the microphone picked up his voice very clearly and with no unwanted sounds in the background. He talked about how this was a great portable microphone but he did has a nicer microphone at home.

I would use i microphone in the classroom to incorporate more technology into my lesson plans. I just purchased my first web cam that came with a microphone. I played around with it last night and i found it to be very easy to use. I could easily use this in the classroom.

Comments 4 Tecahers Assignment 3

In the July 11, 2010 post Joey Dale is at a "Show and Tell" event at Nottingham High School. This was an opportunity for Joey Dale to share his knowledge of Skype, recording and using Audacity. He spoke to what looked like a group of other educators. Also the video that is on his blog is also being shown in Australia live while he was teaching this. The whole concept that someone across the world can watch a lesson across the world still boggles my mind.

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