Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blog Post 5

I opted to watch the the Chipper Series and EDM for Dummies video instead of looking at the new facebook privacy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the videos and found them to be quites hilarious. I would like to purchase a copy EDM for Dummies. I do find myself lost sometimes in all the assignments, but I feel that I am learning a lot.
I would like participate in a video like this. If I had to record a video similar to this then I would do a funny video about How To Embed things to your blog because it took me forever to figure out how to do that.

Micheal Staton. Why Smartboards are a Dumb Initiative
Bill Ferriter, Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboards

Both Micheal and Bill are not in favor of the Interactive Whiteboards, clearly you can tell that by the title of their articles. They see whiteboards as just an expensive projector. They also point out all the negatives of whiteboard, such as not be able to save things easily. They made some good points. I am sure the whiteboards have a lot to improve on, but so does all technology. They are critiquing the first interactive whiteboard. Don't you think people critiqued the first iPod? Yes. Have the iPod improved? Absolutely.

I found this blog on a music teachers blog.

This music teacher is using the smartboards for the first time. First thing she likes about them is that in her music class she has to always draw staff lines on the board, or print about 100s of copies for students to use once, but with the smartboard she can easily draw the lines on the smartboard. While using this technique instead of erasing the board or printing more pages, all she has to do is create a new document. She is open to what the smartboard has to offer.

After reading all the articles on the Smartboards, I believe I am still in favor of the Smartboards. They need to be improved, sure, but I am sure someone is already working on that.


  1. Good Points Erin. Yes, as with any technology Smartboards have pros and cons. But, lets face it, you can do so much more with a Smartboard than you could have with a chalkboard. Are Smartboards required for meaningful learning? Not necessarily. Are Smartboards useful tools to enhance the experience for both teacher and student? Yes.

    I like the Chipper series as well. They made a lot of great points in an effective way. SS

  2. Wow Erin I said the same thing we definitely need an EDM 310 for Dummies...maybe that's why they've opened a lab. I find myself here practically everyday; it kind of becomes addictive. In reference to the IWBs, I love them. I was introduced to them last semester and think that it's a cool piece of technology for both the teacher as well as the student! By the way, I really like your blog format, very elegant!!!

  3. Hi Erin,

    You are absolutely right that SMARTboards are likely already being improved upon, but I agree with Bill and Michael that there is little value to be gained from a SMARTboard when considering the cost difference between a projector and the SMARTboard. Having said that, I want to point out to Mr. Sullivan that the argument is not about the superiority of SMARTboards compared to chalkboards, but rather, SMARTboards v. Whiteboards and Overhead projectors connected to class computers. With that being said, Erin and Mr. Sullivan, what IS better about the SMARTboard?