Monday, July 19, 2010

Blog Post 11

First graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class

I am so behind on technology. I thought I was doing pretty good then I watched this video where first graders are blogging, meaning 6 year olds are BLOGGING! Not only are they blogging, they are doing it with ease. I watched in amazement as the first graders of Ms. Cassidy's class talked about how they used blogging to help with their writing. When I heard this I thought back to my first grade classroom and how I learned to write. We learned how to write on those big legal pads. My teacher, Mrs. Evans, would stand at the front of the room with a huge legal pad and then in front of each individual student we had our own legal to copy everything that Mrs. Evans did. I find now that blogging would have been a much better way to learn to write, rather than copying exactly what the teacher did. Great job to Ms. Cassidy's first grade class on being technologically friendly!

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