Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blog Post 9

Morgan Bayda and Video by Dan Brown

After reading the post made by Morgan and the video she shared with us by Dan Brown, I had to sit and think for a while. What am i doing in college? Am I sitting in a classroom being lectured for hours at a time? Yes. Are some of my teachers reading facts from the book to me? Yes. Am I making flashcards for some of my classes so I can repeat facts on a test then receive a grade? Yes. After thinking about these facts that are very true about my education, I became sad and angry. I cannot exactly drop out of school tomorrow because I need a degree to teach, but when I graduate I can make a difference in the classroom. When I graduate I want to be able to remember a lot of the things I learned in this class. This class is the future of education.

Alabama's Learning Exchange

I have actually been on the ALEX website before for a previous class. I really like this website and I have bookmarked on my delicious account. One of the perks of the ALEX website is the lesson plan tool. You can look up lesson plans on this website for your classroom. After clicking on the lesson plan tool you can then select what subject you are teaching and what grade level you are teaching. I decided to play around on it and chose mathematics and grade level 3. After clicking search it came up with a lesson plan for rounding numbers. I clicked on that lesson plan, and listed on the lesson plan was a list of materials, preparation work that the teacher would have to do, the standards of teaching it covered, and a step-by-step instruction. This would be a great tool for my first couple of years for teaching until I got comfortable in making lesson plans.

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