Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Comment 4 Teachers 4, 5, and 6

Comments 4 Teacher Assignment 4

For the next couple of weeks I get to follow Steve Anderson's blog. In his June 27 2010 post he is talking about social medias and relationships. He attended a conference where he had not met most of the people face to face. He had built a relationship with them through his social medias and his personal learning network. His wife was a bit hesitant about attending th conference with him because she thought it would awkward because her husband had never met these people face to face. He explained to her that it would not be uncomfortable these people were like old friends. So when they attended the conference it was just like he said, being with a group of old friends.

Comments 4 Teacher Assignment 5

In Steve Anderson's July 3rd post he talks about his final thoughts from the conference he attended in Denver, iste 2010. He talked about many aspects of the conference that he enjoyed. The places at the conference he mentioned that appealed the most to me was Bloggers Cafe, and the Social Butterfly Lounge. At the Bloggers Lounge he said no much blogging happened, but connections were made between technologically savvy people around the world. He also said the Cafe was very centrally located so you could not help but stop by the Bloggers Cafe. The Social Butterfly Lounge was new to the conference this year. This lounge was used to give mini sessions on social networks, like twitter, Facebook, and ipod apps. I feel like these mini sessions would interest me because I like to use these social networks, but I probably use them in the most basic way. I would like to learn more.

Comments 4 Teachers Assignment 6

In Steve Anderson' s July 5th post he talks about again things he learned at iste 2010. The title of the post is, What makes a personal learning network valuable to you? He says that he gets this question all the time. The thing about PLNs, is that they are personal, Anderson states. I agree with this statement. What makes my PLN so great is that it is catered to me and no one else. I decide what I see and do not see. He interviewed several people at the conference about PLNs and social networking. They were all for it. One of people mentioned that having a PLN and twitter account accessible to you is like having the smart kid in class always sitting next to you. I believe that to be completely correct. I am still learning about my PLN and twitter, but I will continue learning about them after this class to help with my future at a teacher.

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