Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Final Reflection for EDM 310

Wow, I probably could have reflected for more than 15 minutes on everything I learned in EDM 310. I decided to focus on the 2 most significant things to me that I learned in this class. From this class I have learned the art of blogging. When I first heard this was a paperless class and that most of my work would be presented on my very blog, I became very nervous. But now seeing that I could teach myself, with the proper guidance, how to blog and how easy it is, I probably will never stop. I believe blogs to be the future of classrooms everywhere. I do realize I am behind in this realization, but I do plan on having a class blog for my first classroom and for most of my teaching career, well until the next best thing comes around. With my blog, I have not only learned how to write and post blogs, but how to comment on other people's blogs, embed videos, and audio onto my blog. Another significant thing that I have learned in this class is the use of Google. When I originally thought of Google, I thought of it as strictly a search engine. Google has so much more to offer. We learned this semester how to make a Google presentations, how to use Google forms, and I got to use Gmail for the first time as well. I have already used my new knowledge of Google Surveys in my sorority to get feedback. I will continue to use Google forms in the future. I believe in a technological sense, I am no longer narrow minded about what technology has to offer me. Facebook is no longer a place where I just look at people's photos and write silly comments on other people's walls, but Facebook is now a social network that I need to make better use of. I will definitely approach teaching differently because of EDM 310. Kids today are growing up in the classroom with nothing but technology. So why would I try to revert the students back to pen and paper? Teachers need to be constant learners. Meaning when teaching styles change, the teachers should change their styles. When technology changes, the teachers should learn and progress forward. We no longer need to be afraid of technology. The things I need to work on to be an incredible teacher in the 21st century is time management, staying focused, and using my PLN to my benefit. Through the past eight weeks of this class my time management was not the best. I started out strong, but then was easily distracted. I strayed away from my plan. I cannot be easily distracted when I am a teacher, because if I stray off topic so will my students. Staying focused and having great time management skills I believe go hand in hand in my opinion. So ifIi am focused then my time management skills should follow. My PLN has been very useful to me over the past couple of weeks. I have everything I need on it. I made my PLN my home screen when I get on the internet, so that way I have everything I need at my fingertips. I have already set my mom up on symbaloo and helped her create her very own PLN. One thing I did not know was that my mother has actually been blogging for over a year now! So she helped me blog and I helped her with her social network.

The second reflection was just as overwhelming as the first. So much information flooded my brain on what I would share with someone who is taking this class in the fall. So I decided to make a list of 10 things I find to be the most important. They are in no particular order.

1. Be prepared to spend a lot of additional time outside of EDM 310.
2. Familiarize yourself with Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
3. Learn how to PROOFREAD yourself!
4. Come to class with an open mind.
5. Go to the lab time, even though it is not required.
6. Make sure Dr. Strange and his lab assistants know you by name and face.
7. Exercise great time management skills.
8. Make friends with people in your class.
9. Check the EDM 310 Blog daily.
10. Even though it is a lot of hard work be sure to have fun!

I have enjoyed this class over the summer and look forward to participating in the alumni blog!

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  1. Well what we didn't know about our parents! I am glad that you two are now exchanging ideas and information.

    Your reflection was thorough, well written and very thoughtful. Thank you.

    As for Google, we just scratched the surface. I could do two weeks on various Google search capabilities (search Google Squared for one quick example) without exhausting the subject. So there is much more to learn. And always will be.

    Yes, you must master your time management skills. You could have done much better in EDM310 if you had!

    I really like your top 10 suggestions for EDM310 students. I will make use of it (and give you proper credit, of course). And I delighted to hear that you will continue to be with us through the Alumni Blog.