Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blog Post 12

M-Cubed ISTE Video
This was very interesting watching the children use the computer to design and create a small box. They were engaged, active, and excited. Multiple skills were learned and their creativity was expressed in color, form, and design. The main little boy was enthralled with the laminating process and the cutting process of the machines. He also enjoyed folding and showing the audience his creation, his box. He exhibited pride in his work.


This one showed more of the computer part of the design, choosing color and shape. I saw different logos being used that are familiar to children like Coca-Cola. One boy was excited about the print out and pretty excited when the cutting program worked on his picture. He formed a nice red and white box and displayed it proudly.


The children were very interested in the computer program. They could rotate, enlarge and shrink their design to suit their needs. Once it was printed they could put different tops on their design. The main boy seemed a bit skeptical of his success, but I was impressed with the trial and error shown through the other prints laying around. Also I was impressed with the different colors and shapes and sizes being printed, cut, and folded.

Digital Fabrication: Through the Eyes of a Five Year Old Boy

This was so precious. He was completely tuned in to the whole process of creating, designing and printing his flat box. Then he was learning and doing the programming to cut the piece out. He had a house created with a similar program in his hand, while he bounced up and down waiting for his cut out to emerge. Then he folded it and taped it together. He was quite happy.

Mr. McClung His Second Year

I enjoyed reading this blog. Mr McClung expressed his challenges and his tactics in addressing and handling those trials. Having his students participate in helping him hand out papers and having them guest post on the class blog show his adaptability in dealing with time constraints and stress.

I like that he admitted having issues with the administration yet chose to rise above and still keep doing his best for the students. Despite the challenges from his boss or co-workers, he put the students first. I like he felt humble after a hard year, yet still was passionate about his chosen profession. I also liked how he kept trying to change his teaching style in dealing with teaching Social Studies/History; a subject he had never taught before. He wanted to keep the lessons from being boring.

He is a young teacher and I will be a young teacher soon. I can take his lessons learned and his advice forward into my teaching experiences, and blend and mold them into my own teaching style. His best advice was to be open to new ideas and keep from becoming stagnant. Adaptability and flexibility and passion are key.

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